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小米路由器mini(Xiaomi mini R1CM)刷Openwrt

從爬文中得知,小米路由器Mini 官方韌體是雙系統,由於 ROM 有16MB,官方韌體都小於8MB,所以會有一份備援系統(8MB+8MB),因此如果刷了大於 8MB 的第三方韌體的話,會覆蓋掉第二個分區的系統,導致未來刷回官方韌體時會有掉 SN 的問題,而且再也無法刷入 SSH,從此以後就只能乖乖用官方韌體,再也不能玩刷機,目前新版的 PandoraBox 韌體大約都在 10MB 左右,所以刷機還真要有點決心,除非完整備份小米路由器Mini 中所有分區的資料,才能在日後完整刷回官方韌體,當然,如果已經完全放棄官方韌體的話,這些問題都是不用考慮的。from -

Disable middle button of mouse

Execute those commands:


The first number is the id of the pointer (you'll often only have one, in this case there were two, 9 and 10).

The next numbers are what you do with the first, second, and third (ie, left, middle, right) mouse buttons. The "1 0 3" tells it that the left button should do a left click (action 1), the middle button should do nothing, and the right button should do a right click (action 3). If you want to make the middle button also do a left click you could use "1 1 3". If you wanted to switch the right and left actions you could use "3 0 1". See for more info.

git merge

git rebase

git-scm reference

Vscode Go